The Joys of Journaling with Lori!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hi!!  Lori here with another Telling Your Story Through Scrapbooking.  Today I am going to share with you some of the Joys of Journaling on your scrapbook pages.  I know what you are thinking - YUCK I do NOT like to journal!!!  Once upon a time I felt the very same way!!

I want to start by asking you why do we scrapbook?   Yes it is fun and relaxing, but we are also creating a memory book for our families.  All good books have pictures, but the most remembered stories also have words!!  The purpose of journaling in a scrapbook is so that someone else can pick up your scrapbook and learn about what was happening that day, who was present, where the were, etc.

There are a couple of different ways to include words (or the story) on our pages:  computer generated, handwriting, stickers, die cut words.  Many people do not like their handwriting.  Children always know their parent's handwriting:
 Please don't judge this part of my layout from several years ago!!!  My mom died when I was 20.  She was a leftie and had a very distinct handwriting that I tried to forge when I was in high school!!!  I don't have many things in her handwriting now, but she wrote "Lori 6 mos." on the back of this photo of me.  I photo copied it and included it under the photo.  I treasure this page so much because of this!!

So please write on your layouts as often as you can stand it!!!  And embrace your mistakes when writing!!!  It is authentic if you really scratched out a letter or word!!
My layout today is all about my in-home daycare.  I started my daycare in 1995 when my second son was born.  I could not find daycare for him and decided to start one myself.  I typed up a page of my story to tuck behind the photo.  I also wrote on a journal card I cut from Authentic "Enhancements" Paper that came in my Shades of Spring (March) kit.

I practiced writing on a scrap of paper so I could get the spacing correct.  You can also write very lightly in pencil first and then copy over with pen. 
Here is my journal card tucked behind the photo a bit.  I also initialed it in the lower corner.  After I took the picture I added the date.  Signing and dating makes it official!!! 
Here are the pieces of my layout - the photo, journaling card, my letter/story, my title and my paper.
I used the Picked Raspberry Distress Paint and African Jade Silks acrylic glaze to paint my paper - Flutterby by Mother Nature from the March kit....
and the chippies from the February kit. 
I added a pretty turquoise blue flower to my title! 

When I adhered the photo mat to my paper, I only put adhesive on three sides.  This created a side pocket.  You can see my letter sticking out the right side.  I wrote "the story" on the paper to draw attention to it.
I added a heart for a pop of pink!!  I just have to say that I take a ton of selfies now with my kids - isn't Keaton the cutest?!?  They love looking at pictures of themselves!
I tucked Bliss into the details of the paper so it did not compete with my title (back to Balance again).
If your story is fresh, like mine, journaling is super easy.  If you are scrapping photos from years ago it helps if you have some notes written down somewhere or a relative you can ask.

I recommend keeping a notebook with you at all times - especially if you have young children!!  If you can't write it down immediately, try to write something at the end of the day.  Even one or two words is enough.  I sometmes jot notes on post-it-notes and stick them to the back of the photos.

Write about yourself, your journey, the moment, your feelings or whatever is important to your story!!

For tips on spacing your letters, check out my friend Sandee's post HERE.  Sandee has a Video every Sunday on Frosted Designs and does miracles with Mixed Media on projects!!

I would love to see your journaling on your layouts!!!  You can post them in the Frosted Designs FaceBook page and tag me (Lori Johnson Apgar).

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4 Responses to “The Joys of Journaling with Lori!”

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Totally agree that journaling is an important part of scrapbooking ... my kids are gonna look at these pages in 20 years and if I don't write anything -- they aren't going to know why I scrapped it! LOL! I loveeeeeeee your page!! LOVING that photo and the colors!!!!!

Sandee Setliff said...

Handwriting is so important and so overly criticized! It's part of us and we need to embrace it, just LOVE your journaling along with your gorgeous LO!!

Jean said...

I love this! I should hand write more!

Barb Craft said...

Lori…. I am so glad you did this post! You are right… the stories ARE important and I need to do a better job of including them with my layouts! I love your tips for tucking them away!

barb :)