Mixing it Up! with Sunday with Sandee

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hi everyone! 
Are you ready to have fun? 
What's more fun than playing with inks and getting messy?
Well, making your own colors of course! Look at these yummy pastel colors I made!

I love that the soft pastel colors still stay nice and vibrant! They do not wash out. I also LOVE the Gold Spray that comes in the 2013 December Mixed Media Kit....I could spray everything with this..seriously....everything!!!

Here's my video:
~ Sorry for the abrupt ending, I messed up :( ~ 

And some close up shots:

I love how the ink reacted with all the different textures like the molding paste, crackle medium and stickles. Lots of lovely textures!!

Do you visit our Frosted Design Facebook page?

Tania Thomson does and I love what she said yesterday:
 "From experience most of the fun is in the discovery of the outcome!:)"

I couldn't have said it better Tania, too often we get wrapped up in trying to make everything so perfect when we really just need to embrace our inner child and have fun. 
Play. Explore. Experiment. Have fun!

You can find these wonderful products in our store :)


11 Responses to “Mixing it Up! with Sunday with Sandee”

Marlene said...

Wow, another great video. Love what you did with those mini misters. Will have to go shopping at the Frosted Design store after the first of the year!!!

Jean said...

Sandee - I don't know how you do it!! More and more amazing each week!!

Sharon Estes said...

Love love this video Sandee. I shared it for you. I learned a lot need to rewatch. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ sharo Estes.

Donna Leuders said...

I love it, Love it, Love it!!! you are so very talented. I can't wait for my items to arrive to make these beautiful spray paints. And your artistic work is amazing. Can't wait to see what your next project is going to be.

Pakrat said...

I love the colors on this. The quote is one of my favorites. Thanks for the inspiration.

Tamiko McCurry (MEKOfoSHO) said...

You are so inspiring.. Thank you for this week's video..

L'il ol' me in paper art world. said...
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Tamiko McCurry (MEKOfoSHO) said...

You are so inspiring.. Thank you for this week's video..

Meggymay said...

Beautiful pages, love your colour mixes.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So beautiful!! I love love love love the colors and the bird!!!!!!

Vicki said...

Another great one, What a way to end my day. I am going to be mixing up some different inks. How fun. Need more supplies. lol
thank you so much