Designer Spotlight Featuring Amanda!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Today, I am thrilled to introduce Amanda to you! Amanda is so much more than a designer here at Frosted Designs! She is also our Sponsorship Coordinator and manages both our Facebook and Pinterest Boards! She is amazing and we would be lost without her!

5 Fun Facts about Amanda...

1. I can not sleep properly when my bedrooms untidy, (my husband often lifts his head to me doing a bit of a tidy before bed)

2. I love social media, and will talk forever, in fact if my friends have not heard from me at least once a day, I’m sick or injured.

3. I love nothing more then my family, my friends and to craft. My family are the last people I see at night and the first I people I see in the morning, they are the roof over my head, the giggles running around the house, the memories made at Christmas, the reason why I can call myself a proud mum, they are my world, without them I would have nothing to scrap, simple as that!!!

4. I hate cricket, love football, one is slow, one is fast, and I get bored easily. 
5. Every craft that I have done I taught myself from books or just kept trying until I got it right, and I can say that I have done so many different crafts that I have lost count now.

More About Amanda....

I live in the land down under (Australia) I grew up in Tasmania, a little island off Australia, and now live in Western Australia, with 3 children and my very own fireman that is my husband. I now have 3 children going to school with my baby starting kindy this year, so loads more time to scrap

Living in Australia I have learnt a couple of things, NOT everyone loves vegemite (this is a spread that we put on our toast every morning) and is in 99% of Australian homes. And Koalas and Kangaroos are so beautiful but we don't generally go out and pluck a koala out of a tree and give it a cuddle and they would scratch us to pieces. I've also seen 2 massive kangaroos in the wild (big reds they are called) having a fight, they were at least 7 foot tall.

I can never keep on top of having a clean/pretty scrap room, but love creating fun bright layouts for the kids and will move slowly into more shabby chic for the girls and grunge for my son as they get older.

I lost my mum at a young age, and never had the chance to ask about this or that, so I'm finding it very important to keep everything and scrap it, and I mean everything :)
A Couple of Amanda's Favorite Projects...

You can check out more of Amanda's work on her blog HERE!


2 Responses to “Designer Spotlight Featuring Amanda! ”

SandeeNC said...

Hi Amanda, your children are just gorgeous, and lucky you with your very own Fireman... Had a giggle at your social media comment and tidy before bed...I think you are a blast and your LO's reflect that in you. Love the doodling around the edges!

Barb Craft said...

Amanda... I think it is funny that you can't sleep if your room is untidy! The last thing I do before I go to bed is make a sweep through the house to make sure everything is picked up and put away.... I can't stand waking up to it in the morning!! And I love that you like to chat around on social media.... you are so good at it! Frosted Designs is lucky to have you!

barb :)