Show Me Sunday with Sarah!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

We are celebrating a birthday (a day late)!! 

We hope you had a wonderful day! 

Happy Sunday everyone!!
 Sarah here with a fun flower tutorial for you! This is a really photo heavy post, but stay with me, I promise it's worth it :)

Okay, all you need for this is some old packaging (I usually use the packaging from the Sizzix Bigz dies), some sand paper, an embossing folder of your choice, a flower die that will cut acetate and some paint! 

Cut the acetate to fit over the die surface.

Use your Vagabond ( or other die cutting machine) to cut the flower. Steele rule dies will cut acetate. You might be able to cut a shape from the thinner dies if it's a very simple shape, or it will give it a trace kind of for you to hand cut.

Put the acetate into the embossing folder...

Then run it through your die cutting machine again...

 And when you open up your embossing get this very pretty flower that you could totally use on it's own as a cool embellishment...but I'm not finished

For the first one I made, I used just one colour. Now, you can paint either side you want to, it just depends on what look you're going for. For this one, I painted the debossed side. Make sure you get all the paint into the recessed areas.

Let it dry (this part is extremely hard for me to do, because you have to let it air dry...if you use a heat gun, you'll lose your embossing and warp the acetate...I have no patience at all...but it's totally worth it. Once it's dry, sand the paint off, and you're left with just the paint that's in the debossed areas!

Isn't it pretty?! 

I couldn't get the pink colour that I wanted for the layout that I wanted to make I thought I'd show you another way you can do these flowers too.

 For this flower, I painted the debossed side yellow....

Then I painted the other side a light greeny blue colour...waited painfully for it to dry, then sanded the blue to reveal the yellow underside! Fun isn't it?!

When I made the blue/yellow flower, I made sure to make more than one...then I used some on this layout:

 There's a couple small ones peaking out from behind the rosette

 And another one tucked into that fun little embellishment cluster on the bottom photo.

You could use this technique for a lot of different die could also just cut a piece of acetate in a square and create a fun transparency type with this technique. I hope you're inspired to go and get messy with paints and make some fun embellishments!

Happy Scrapping!! 



10 Responses to “Show Me Sunday with Sarah!”

CraftyGirl said...

Great tutorial Sarah!! I love the way you can make these to match any project! Thanks for the tips!

barb :)

Tess Ekwall said...

wow!! great tutorial. thanks for the tips. and a big congrats to channa!! hugs, tess.

Lauren said...

I've got an acetate challenge come up for a DT I'm on, I'll have the keep this technique in mind. Thanks!

Laura said...

Times like this I wish I had a machine that cut and emboss! Great tutoril and a great idea.

Wendy L said...

What a fun idea. xxx

Kim said...

Cool technique! Thanks for the tutorial. Your page is super cute too :)

Sandra said...

What a great technique and one worth trying, the flowers look great once inked - or even plain they look good. Thanks for sharing.

Ann said...

Great idea, Sarah! TFS

Crafty Moni said...

How cool! Thanks for the detailed instructions & all the pictures:)Im so going to try this out!:)

Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
Monica L.

Sarah said...

Great idea-cant wait to try this one :)