Fabulous Friday Challenge - Paint!

Friday, January 13, 2012

   Welcome to another Fabulous Friday Challenge!

This weeks challenge is PAINT!! 
That's right ladies get those brushes out and start painting.
Have a look at what the DT has done.

And Joni will be back on Sunday with a tutorial for this project.

(baseball hat holders)

This week sponsor is Vintage Street Market
The ladies there are very easy to talk to and are more then happy to help you with selecting the right products for you

Formed by two families, Vintage Street Market celebrates memories, and the textures, sentiments and simplicity from times past. It is our intention to not only offer exceptional products and superior customer service, but to also create a community where nostalgia can be shared, creativity explored, and memories preserved.
Vintage Street Market, Inc. is a company founded and created by friends and families. Michelle Jackson and Allison Rittner have been in the craft goods and scrapbooking industry for many years, each with their own diverse background and business experience. They have combined their individual skills along with their similar tastes and styles to create products with a vintage flair. Great effort has been made to design, develop and distribute a quality product while practicing excellent customer service and respect for their customers.

This weeks prize is their Tinted Tape

The winner of the Tined Tape will seriously have a lot of fun.

Now it's your turn! Get out that paint and get messy! Be sure to link up your project for a chance to win!


7 Responses to “Fabulous Friday Challenge - Paint!”

blsd2scrp said...

You have until noon (CST) Thursday, December 29th to link up your project

huh? I'm confused....

CraftyGirl said...

Oops! Thanks for pointing that out blsd2scrap! We have made the correction and you have until Jan. 19th to upload your project!

Barb :)

Ashley Horton said...

Love using paint on my projects!! Great job Ladies...some fabulous work this week!

wintam said...

Paint is so much fun! I'm not sure you can see, but all my sheep on that post I uploaded have paint on their faces, feet, ears and tails... hope you like it!

SamSam said...

gonna whip up a project by this Thursday then!

Anita Scroggins said...

This is such a great challenge!! I am so trying to use all the paints and things that I have bought!! Thanks for all your hard work ladies!!

blsd2scrp said...

awww! I missed it! great work from everybody!