Getting Ready for Tomorrow!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wow! Today was so much fun and it was great seeing so may creative projects being made! That is it for our challenges today, but we wanted to give you some hints as to when you will want to check things out tomorrow! (Since it is Mother's Day, we know you may be busy with family so we thought it might be helpful if you knew when to look for some of our events!)

The fun starts at 9:00 with a Quick Scrap! Remember, you have one hour to complete the Quick Scrap challenges and 20 minutes to get it posted! We will continue the morning with other challenges and games. The other quick scrap times you might want to be on the look out for are 1:00 and 6:00! We will also have a fun game at 12:00 that you won't want to be late to!

All of the other challenges that are posted throughout the day on Sunday will also have a deadline of Wednesday at midnight. With the busy weekend, we wanted to give you plenty of opportunities to create and share with us! We also want you to have a chance to win some of the great prizes that are being offered!

We will see you bright and early in the morning for another fun day of challenges!

(All times are Central Time)


2 Responses to “Getting Ready for Tomorrow!”

Ashley Horton said...

Thanks FD for hosting such a fun day of challenges!! Still finishing one up now! Had a fun time participating!

KellyG said...

Thanks for the heads up! Tomorrow is crazy busy, hope I can pop in! Loving the challenges and have been working on them! Thanks for all the hard work!!