Show Me Sunday - A Tutorial by Erin Reed!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Coloring Your Bling by Erin Reed

Have you ever needed a specific color of a pearl or crystal, and the ones you have just don't fit?  Here is a quick and easy way to color your pearls and bling with markers!!

1) Supplies - pearls, crystals, bling, gems, etc (white or clear)- Copic markers and/or Bic Mark Its in the colors of your choice

2) Use your markers to color the pearls or gems.  I find it best to color them on the plastic backing before I place it on my project.  When using my Copic markers I use the brush end, it is easier to apply to the gem.

 3) Let the ink set for a few seconds before touching it.  Both markers work the same as they are both alcohol based inks.  Sharpies, crayola, or other markers (especially washable) do not work, they just rub off.  These are the only two markers I have found to stay on the bling.

 4) Apply your colored bling to your project and enjoy!!  Your colors are only limited by your marker colors now.  Try blending two different colors of markers.  You can even try and color gems and pearls that are not clear to see what new colors you get, the possibilities are endless!!

Colored the gems using Bic Mark Its in yellow and red
Colored the bling swirls in the flower cluster using Copic Markers shown above

I can't wait to see your fun bling colors!!  Thanks for taking a look!!  Happy scrapping!!
Erin R.


3 Responses to “Show Me Sunday - A Tutorial by Erin Reed!”

Unknown said...

Great idea!!! If you live close to Michaels, some of their $1 items are 60% off and I picked up some gems for 40 cents!!!

Now I just might be tempted to try Copics!!!

L.B. said...

Now I offically have a reason to buy Copics...that is awesome.

Joanne said...

Fantastic! Don't you just love those Copic's?!?!!!!!!