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Sunday, May 8, 2011


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That's right, we have one hour to get you to the finished product.
So hold onto you scissors & glue sticks, and let's get started.

This challenge is meant to be done in 1 hour – at the end of the hour you will end up with a cute piece of wall art.

The more impulsive you are with selecting your papers, the better the results.

Using a timer, complete each step within the time allowed before progressing to the next one.
If you go over by a minute, no worries, since some steps you may find take less than the time allowed.

Time is ticking so let’s

Step 1: Basic supplies needed- you have 4 minutes to grab the following items:
  • Scraps of 10 - 12 different papers all shades of one color approx 2”x3
    *Example, if you pick green, select 10-12 scraps of paper that are different patterns and shades of green. I decided on Blue.
  • 2 white or beige 8”x8” pieces of card stock
  • Misc scraps of ribbon, buttons, chalk, adhesive, brads, scissor, pop dots, stickles, etc *I know you all have these things handy in your basic scrap supplies- these items can be used in addition to the required items in each step to personalize each tag to your own style, but not necessary.

Do not spend a lot of time selecting paper. This works best if you just grab things quickly.

Ok- we have approx 50 minutes remaining. This is where the fun begins.
Set your timer now and Scrap!

Step 2: you have 8 minutes to Cut 6 tags that measure 3” tall from one of the 8” square white or beige pieces of card stock you gathered in the step 1.

*If your tag does not measure 3” it’s ok, but closer to 3” will be better. Tag can have a hole punched at top or not, your preference.

Some ideas for cutting tags:
  • Use any Cricut cartridge- I like Tags, Bags, Boxes and More
  • Tag punch like the Creative Memories tag punch
  • Small hardware store tags in your stash.

Well done!!

The next steps all require using one of the tags you just cut and your scraps of monochromatic papers. Feel free to use chalks, stickles, etc to enhance the required supplies, but remember, you must stay within the time when at all possible.

Step 3… Tag 1: use ribbon …in 7 minutes use 2 pieces of scrap paper, a piece of ribbon/bakers twine to decorate a tag

Step 4: …Tag 2: use a letter …in 6 minutes use 2 scrap papers and a letter to decorate your tag.
*Letter can be any size as long as it fits on the tag, upper or lowercase, can be a die cut, sticker, etc.

Step 5: Tag 3: use 2 brads & a flower on a tag…. in 5 minutes use 1 scrap paper, 2 brads, and at least 1 flower to decorate your tag.

Step 6: Tag 4: use a single word or short phrase…in 5 minutes use 2 scraps of paper and add a single word or short phrase to decorate your tag.
*This could be a sticker, rubber stamp word, etc

Step 7: Tag 5 use a 3D embellishment on a tag…..in 7 minutes use 3 scrap papers and a dimensional item to decorate your tag.
*3D items can be metal, foam, fabric, felt, gems, etc

Step 8
: Tag 6: torn paper…in 4 minutes use 1 scrap of paper that has been torn to decorate your tag. Embellish with anything additional that you want, but not necessary.
Hint: I like to chalk my torn edge so it stands out more when placed on the tag.

You’re doing great- we are almost done.

Step 9: 8 minutes…Add a string (if you punched a hole) or staple a ribbon to the top of each of your tags if you wish or leave them as they are.

Add pop dots to the back of your 6 decorated tags and arrange them in 2 rows of three tags each on your remaining 8”x8” card stock. Chalk the edges of the 8x8 if you wish.

Congratulations you are done with a small piece of artwork for your home.

This can now be mounted on to a piece of canvas or framed in a simple 8x8 frame, which is what I like to do.

Here is a sample of one I did for Easter this year. I spent a little more than an hour, about 90 minutes, on this one because I cut more images with the Cricut.
By using scraps of small pieces of paper, these projects go together really fast.

Click here to see my similar project using more tags. Experiment with different shapes instead of tags. The possibilities are endless.

Because I had such a great time creating this last hour with all of you, I am giving away this adorable
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Here is what you need to do to win this.

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I will draw a winner on Monday, May 9 from all the entries that are linked up for this quick scrap hour at Frosted Designs.

So get your pictures taken and post your project now!

I can’t wait to see how they all turned out.


3 Responses to “Quick Scrap - Barb O-”

Barb Craft said...

This is going to be fun!! I have been wanting to make one! Now let's see if we can do it in an hour! I better hurry!!

li-bee-ti said...

Barb, this is a great challenge! I wish I could play with it, but it's evening hour here, and I need to take care of the kids....
But I'm sure I'll play with it when I have time (not for the challenge). It sure sound like a great fun, and I can make a nice supply of tags...

And it's such a fun this on line crop! I really love it.

Cherie said...

Oh man, I am so glad I got this up in time! I was running around like a mad woman trying to post! I broke my SD card in my card reader right before I started posting! ahh! Ok, but it helped that I sorted my lose patterned paper into colors, so I grabbed the stack of purples and went to town! Thanks for this challenge! I had never done anything like this before (and I woke up early to do it!)