No Excuses!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Well, actually I can think of a hundred excuses right now for not getting things done. Other than the "usual busy", there is also "getting ready for the holiday  busy"! Right?
This is why I love some fast and fun creative time without any thinking. I simply decided to open my journal and do whatever it said!

I created the right side of the page first, using my Oil Pastels to color my page and the charcoal pencil to write the words and draw the outlines. I did discover by accident that my heat gun really smoothed out the Oils Pastels which also made it a little easier to write over. My 2 prompts were to paint it red and draw it in miniature. I loosely interpreted that to draw it in red and stamp something in miniature, lol I just love doing things my way. :)

The page to the left said to drop ink on it. First I wrote the words "No Excuses" with my white Oil Pastel crayon on the blank page to act as a resist to the ink. In retrospect I wish I had A. Drew it harder or B. not used a Dylusion spray that had the white opaque ink in it....or maybe both? It almost worked but it wasn't defined as well as I wanted it to be.

So I went back over the letters with some of the Deco Arts paints to make the wording stand out better..

Simple and fun and much needed to release some holiday stress. I hope that you can squeeze in some art therapy too and relax during this busy time!
Get your Rummage and Ransack kit for yourself or for that special someone who needs a little art in their life!


7 Responses to “No Excuses!”

Sandy said...

There is no excuses not to have some arty fun.. Great job on the pages..
Sandy :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These pages are AMAZING!!!!!!

Granny Korner Craftingwithartgrandma said...

Sandeep this Is very different for you . I love the color and the simple design.

Megan Smith (aka Daisymeh) said...

These pages are awesome! This is such a fun kit!

Rachelle Olaridge said...

Fantastic crafty project Sandee. Totally fab! said...

great page..

Anonymous said...

I love what you came up with! Really liking the ink blotch page.....I may have to just try that one. I'm loving the colors you chose. Keep up the great work my friend. Always inspiring. Huggss