Find Your Scrapping Mojo with Joni!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Joni Parker here today wishing you a Happy New Year!!

Ever seem to just lose your mojo?  You know, your creative juices just don't seem to be flowing?  I know that happens to me sometimes, so I have a few fun ways to give myself a little jump start and I thought I'd share with you today.

  1. I turn to challenges or sketches to see if I can get an idea going.
  2. I have a "list" (partially shown below) and I pick a few random numbers from each column (without looking) -- I then "try" to go along those paths, but I also don't force myself to use one of the options if it just doesn't fit.  I like this idea because sometimes it reminds me of things that I might forget to use otherwise (like cork or doing a monochromatic layout)
  3. I also let my 11 year old son "pick" stuff for me.  He loves that, and loves to walk around my scrap room and try to find items or "drawers/bins" to challenge his mommy.  Sometimes he'll even pick a theme for me from column 3 on that list I mentioned above.  He enjoys seeing how I used all the items he picked out for me.
Column One is "stuff", Column Two is "Manufacturers", Column Three is "Design or Topic"...but as I kept going, the list got all mixed up...whatever.

So, this layout is one of those times....I was stuck.  One of my best scrappin' buddies has a favorite challenge...Pick 3 random pieces of paper (without looking) and use them together.  I had my son pick the papers for me and then I turned to my list for other inspiration.  
In addition to the random papers I ended up with this list: a small photo, a frame, "My Clip-it-up" (which is a carousel that houses misc embellishments), Banners/Pennants, Rulers, Cork and Metal.  Sounds like a lot, but remember, I know I can take "off" something if it doesn't seem to work. 

I went to work with my papers and photo first, getting a basic design down.  Then I grabbed several of my Frosted Design kits and found some of the embellishments and a lot more than even my list.

So, hope that you can find your mojo when you seem to lose it.  I also will sometimes go to Pinterest or Magazines to get a little inspiration!!

Hope you have a great 2015!!

Also used but not pictured below:  Rustic Beauty Kit & Fancy Pants Nautical Tickets


4 Responses to “Find Your Scrapping Mojo with Joni!”

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is amazing!! I am LOVING the colors and the bits you used on here! And loving how challenged yourself to make it!!!!!

Unknown said...

Great ideas!!! Love your layout too!!

Rachelle Olaridge said...

Fab and fantastic Joni. Love the tips too!

Roberta; mother of 4, GiGi to 1 said...

I love your list in columns! How can we se more of your list????? That is a great idea!