A Suave Mini Album with Julie!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hi everyone! 

Julie with you here today with my very first 'official' post for Frosted Designs! I am super excited to be here and figured with my first post, I would share some things about me! :)

1) I have been scrapbooking since before dinosaurs roamed the Earth!  Well, not really, but it has been almost 18 years since I started, when my son Adam was born.  When I started, I was a single mom to my son, so I didn't have a great quality camera, so a lot of his younger year photos are dark, small, a lot of background with not a lot of Adam (no zoom) and overall not the best!

2) I love to buy paper collection packs!  Why? Because you get all the paper in a collection for a great price, and don't have to worry about 'missing' any of the papers in the collection.

3) I love to make mini albums! This also leads into #2! Having paper collection packs make making a mini album easier! You have enough papers to create an entire album and have extra papers to add dimension to your pages in your mini album! 

4) I love to UPCYCLE! That is one of my big things! I will upcycle/recycle anything into my art! For this mini album I am sharing today (and others I have made), I am using cardboard sleeves that I collected from a ton of my co-workers when my company gave us a paper pad portfolio, that was covered in the cardboard sleeve.  I cut them down to size for my mini albums and they are the perfect upcycle item! 

And now for my mini-album!  As I mentioned above, I have a lot of photos from my son Adam growing up -- they aren't the best photos, since I didn't have a great camera when he was growing up, but that doesn't mean that they don't deserve to be scrapped! :) 

I used Authentique's Suave collection for my mini album! 




4 Responses to “A Suave Mini Album with Julie!”

Jean said...

Perfect papers for this! What a wonderful collection of photos!

~amy~ said...

Awesome Album, perfect Julie!

Megan Smith (aka Daisymeh) said...

What an adorable mini Julie! You rocked this collection and are making me want to dig back into it!

Brandi Matos said...

Holy Smokes!! You have been busy!!! Awesome job :-)