Joni is Showcasing Elle's Cameron Collection

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hi...Joni Parker here...sharing the Elle's Studio line called Cameron with you today.
Boy, is this line right up my alley... the colors and patterns scream my name!!! How about you?
Here is a snapshot of the papers you get in the collection kit:

This is my son and his buddy.  This is a gift for his friends' album and so I wanted to hide the journaling about how they became friends and are connected since I wasn't sure how the other boy would feel about "semi-mushy" journaling like that.  I simply cut a slit in the blue paper (before I attached it the the background).  It doesn't slide in too far because of the ribbon topper I added to the journal box.

And my motto is .... you can never can have too much of a good thing? 
TOTALLY LOVE this sheet of paper in the kit (which brings me to my point...
the kit comes with TWO SHEETS of each design)...  Anyway...this sheet is just amazing.  

And the reason I'm telling you all this is because I love it so much that I've used both sheets of it already and I'm going to share them both with you today!!
I love how the left side is "started" for me already.  I love that I don't have to think "too much"...I just add a few things and wa-la....done.

And how stinking funny is this story?
This is a Christmas Card photo from family friends - Their last name is BEST.  
I knew the blue and green from their shirts were PERFECT for this line of paper 
(I was thinking of the big blue dotted paper), but then when I realized the top of this paper says 
"THE BEST"....geez, could it be any easier and funner to just add "FAMILY" to this layout?...LOL!!!

I can't wait to play with this fun line with such cool patterns and colors some more!!


4 Responses to “Joni is Showcasing Elle's Cameron Collection”

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are gorgeous my friend!!! I love love love the colors in this collection!!!!

Barb Craft said...

I love these layouts Joni! The colors are so bright and fun and perfect for those darling photos of Joseph!!

barb :)

Jean said...

Yes - these papers are screaming joni!! Love how you used them!

Lisa said...

LOVE this collection! Great job using it, I love how you did the hidden journaling, very creative!