Joni Finds Snow in Phoenix! TImbergrove to the Rescue!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Well, I hope it's warm and cozy wherever you are.  I know it's always warmer here in Phoenix, Arizona so I won't rub it in.  But every year we make a trek to a local festival so that my son, Joseph can play in the "man-made" snow.  Yes, we actually pay $2 for 5 minutes so that Mommy can get some snow pictures to scrap.  It usually takes me $6 and 15 minutes to get what I want and my little guy is such a trooper to pose for me in between all his playtime!!
Now..due to this information (lack of snow in Phoenix), I will apologize now that you will see the same photos over and over on the following layouts.  But, that's ALL the snow stuff I have to work with and it takes effort just to get these photos!!!

So, I was waiting patiently (ok not so patiently) for Fancy Pants Timbergrove to arrive at the store so I could scrap my annual snow photos.  

The first three layouts I did (all in one night)....

Joseph had fun putting the different pieces of die-cut snowmen together until I found the perfect combination to use on this layout.  I used the small alpha stickers for my title and a few of the stickers as accents.
I used a sketch by Wendy Antenucci.

I removed the string from the tags and replaced it with my own twine.  
But then I used that string I had removed to hook the mittens together.
I used 3 different styles of the small alphas for the title "Snow in Phoenix"...yes all of those alphas come in this set!!  For this one I used a Pagemaps sketch.

Here I used the larger alphas and some stickers, a tag, chipboard (from the button set) and buttons for accents.  I also cut open one of the envelopes (maroon diagonal stripe) and used it like paper.  The twine is an addition from my stash.  And this one was a sketch from Sketches with a Twist.

So after I let those first three layouts digest for a few days...I just couldn't STOP using this line!!

I just loved using the patterned frames on this one!!


And some random pieces of the papers on this one (and another one of those darling frames) and I LOVED the corrugated paper that comes in the kit!  I used another sketch from Wendy Antenucci on this one!


I had fun with this one...the wood frames are from my stash, but I love how this one turned out!!

And finally...I really thought this one sheet of paper was the most eye-catching piece and was really the ONE piece that sold me on the whole collection.  
But then when I got the stuff in my hot-little-hands, I actually was intimidated to use this paper and do it justice and not cover up all the cuteness!!!  (Anyone else ever feel that way?)

So, I chose one 5x7 and placed it just left of center.  I added some brown cardstock, kept my journaling on a tag in one of the envelopes (lower left) behind the photo.  I added some random stickers but decided this one didn't really need a "title".  It just "is".  I'm so thankful that I pulled this one off and this is actually my favorite layout from this collection so far.  

I still have quite a bit of the line left, but I need to put it away for a while and work with something "warmer"!!

But seriously, if you have winter photos, YOU NEED THIS LINE.  
The collection pack comes with alphas (multiple sets - minis in different fonts and a larger set), stickers, border/tape stickers, 2 pieces of corrugated paper and 12 sheets of patterned paper!!
The teal and light blue with the maroon and grey....LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!


8 Responses to “Joni Finds Snow in Phoenix! TImbergrove to the Rescue!”

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Joni is amazing!!! I just loveeeeeeeeee these!! So gorgeous!!!!!!

Barb Craft said...

LOOOOOOOVE this Joni!! That last layout you did of Joseph is one of my all time favorites!! It is so eye catching!!

barb :)

Lori Apgar said...

OMG too funny that you pay for snow!!! You can visit me in Nebraska and see real snow any time you want (as long as we have some)!!! Your layouts are gorgeous!!! You captured great pictures and what a trooper your son is!!!

Raechelle Bellus said...

This are fantastic Joni!!! I have missed your work. :)
I cannot wait to get this collection.

Sarah said...

These are awesome Joni!! Love what you did with the tags and that line is fabulous!

Lisa said...

What beautiful work Joni!

elisa delora said...

So pretty, thanks for sharing!

Tamiko McCurry (MEKOfoSHO) said...

These layouts are amazing! The one I love the most is the single photo page.. The paper with the fancy decor straight across the center of it.. I love how you added the the browns.. and the tag with envelope.. Oh and I love the corrugated paper!! Also those wodden photo thingies from your stash are super cute.. maybe they will get some @FD.. :)