Sundays with Sandee - Blotting up some spilled acrylic paint

Sunday, December 1, 2013

This week is a fun and very easy technique...

Acrylic Pour
A technique where you drip or drop acrylic paint down onto your pages.

  I sized this page with gesso first and then I used a gel medium and Goosebumps to add some texture. Let this stage dry thoroughly before adding the watered down acrylic paint over it.

Ink Blots
Applying your ink/paint onto one side and pressing the other side down onto it.

MOO-ving on...( sorry I could not resist )
My pages using the Acrylic Pour technique along with making Ink Blots:
And if you are a vegetarian, please excuse my quote, definitely not meant to offend anyone )
I'm not sure why I have a correlation between cows, daisies and butterflies...but there, you have it. Sometimes when we create things, they just bubble out from inside in a glorious uncontrolled mess.

I do want to strongly urge you to apply the molding paste the night before, to let it thoroughly dry before using the page and keep in mind that it acts as a resist too, so try and not get too messy with it.

A short explanation of using the acrylic pour techniques along with ink blots.

I hope you all try out the Acrylic Pour and the Ink Blots techniques and show us your journal pages, cards, scrapbook pages, whatever you make on the Frosted Designs Facebook page. As always we love seeing what you come up with and want to share what you do with everyone!


7 Responses to “Sundays with Sandee - Blotting up some spilled acrylic paint”

Sarah said...

These are awesome Sandee!! Looove that technique! Thanks for sharing it!

Sandy said...

That looks like fun thanks for the great tip with the cups. Love what you did with the bull.. His nose is just right.
Sandy :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are awesome!! I loveeeeeeeeee the cow!!!!!

Marlene said...

Ohhh, this looks like a fun technique, can't wait to try it and see what "pops out" at me, ha ha

Jean said...

You are too cute! Fun technique!!No bull!

Anonymous said...

How fun!!! I had to play along and am on my way to the Facebook page to post my pages. I never even thought to add some texture to my pages!!! I was so excited to try the paint blotting I completely forgot that step....ooppsss.

Barb Craft said...

I can not wait to get some free time to play with this technique!! It looks like so much fun!

barb :)