Tutorial Tuesday with Lori!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hello - Lori here from ScrappinMyStressAway with a rolled flower tutorial for you today!

I am not a girly-girl so I don't stock pile flowers.  When I need them, I typically make them myself and today was no different!!

I typically use my cricut or cameo to cut out the rolled flower shape, but I know not everyone has a cricut or cameo so I hand cut the shape instead.  This way anyone can make some!!!

I picked up some sheet music at the thrift store.  I love using music sheets for flowers!  You can use any paper (cardstock, scrapbook, origami, a newspaper) but double sided papers look the best rolled up in my opinion.

I drew a circle in pencil in the center of the page.  My circle is not perfect, and yours doesn't have to be either.  

Past experience has taught me what size circle will make the size flower I prefer.  The bigger circle is about 6 inches.  The smaller two are 4-5 inches.

You can see how big my biggest circle is in relation to my scissors.

I started cutting in a spiral from the outside in.  I left a small circle in the center.  After the flower is rolled up, you will put the glue on the center circle.

I use my McGill tweezers and Scotch liquid glue with 2-Way Applicator.  I use the bottom (larger) applicator.

I grab the very end of the spiral and twist the paper towards my left hand.  As long as you don't squeeze the tweezers handle, your paper will stay tight.

You can see how compact the paper gets as you roll it up!

Once you get to the center circle, gently squeeze the tweezers and slide them out.

Then let go of the rolled flower.  Don't worry - it will only unwind a bit!!

Put some liquid glue on the center and firmly hold the flower in place for a minute or two until the glue holds.

I repeated this step with the other two spirals.  When using flowers it is pleasing to the eye to use an odd number of them.

I hand cut some leaf shapes and inked them green.  I folded them in the center and inked the fold (shown below). 

I had previously covered this composition notebook with this fun glittery bird paper.  I added a bit of washi tape down the seam and a vinyl title on the front.  

I added the flowers to the side.  I like the sheet music paper as birds sing...a lot...especially the cardinal in my front yard recently :)

I set my flowers down above the title to place the leaves.  I used the same glue to adhere the leaves first (you can see the inked center fold here).  Next I adhered the flowers on top of the edges of the leaves.

I wanted to mimic the glitter in the paper, so I used stickles and a foam brush.

In the past, I painted the flowers with acrylic paint (before I rolled them) but this time I wanted to leave the flowers unpainted with a red glitter edge.

These rolled flowers are fun to make any size and add a nice 3-Dimensional touch to a project!!


2 Responses to “Tutorial Tuesday with Lori!”

I'm a Little Teapot said...

So clever using the music sheets for flowers! And I love your technique! Thanks for the tutorial.

A great journal and gift for someone!

Dawn - Decorating Days said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial. I know the rolled flowers have been around for a while, but I'm new to them and have been having trouble. Great job.