Tutorial Tuesday with Joni!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I thought I'd share a little something different with you this week...  Instead of a regular tutorial on how to make something or a cool new technique...  I'm sharing some things I do with one of my most USEFUL items on my scrappy table.....  SCOTCH TAPE!!  What..??  Yes, Scotch Tape...  After I realized how much scotch tape I went through, it made me realize I need to share some of the things I use it for...   read on to see what I mean. 

When I work on a 2 page layout I ALWAYS tape the 2 pages together on the back... so I can extend my patterned paper all the way across the "seam" without having to worry about getting it lined up or having to match the pattern from the left to right page...  also useful when stitching across the seam of a 2 pager.  Then when done, just use an exacto knife and cut the tape (and pp if you went across the seam) and waa-laa, you've got 2 pages again. 

Now also on this 2 pager, you can see that I have more tape... because I stitched on it and I didn't want to "BACK stitch" so I just taped the back side so the stitches don't fall out.  Also on a spot where my sewing machine got a little weird on me. And where I cut the stitching across the 2 pages.  So that's tip 2 -- Use tape to secure the back side of stitches (so no backstitching or unravelling).
Heres' the front of that layout so you can see the stitching on the front side.   (That's silly string on the dog..)

On to tip #3 - which is vaguely familar to tip #2 --- I also use tape to secure the back side of HAND stitching... so I don't have that "knot" on the back side of my layout: 

Ok, here's another one... I have some embellishements that just don't like adhesive... I tried my tape runner, glue dots....and instead of going for the stapler (which I use a lot too)... well, on this one, I used scotch tape..hidden under my photo.  (I used 1/2 a doily embellishment..being frugal and used the other 1/2 on another layout).    Sorry for the glare on that second pic, it's the only way the tape would show up!

Here's that layout completed:

Ok one more...
You know your glue bottles and stickles bottles get clogged up right?
Well, I've seen gals put a pin IN the little hole to keep it from getting clogged, but then the pin got glued in there!!  I have a variation of that.  I still use the pin, but I just keep it closeby to "poke" the hole when I need to unclog it.  And when the tape breaks from pulling the pin in and out, I just put another piece of tape over it..one bottle I just threw away had probably 20-30 layers of tape..it was pretty funny...but it works!!


4 Responses to “Tutorial Tuesday with Joni! ”

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Great tips Joni!!! I think you should share the baby powder one too ... that is one of my faves of yours! :)

Deena said...

Joni I love your tips, never realised how useful scotch tape was for scrapbooking

Jean said...

Love these tips Joni!

Unknown said...

I use tape all the time too!!! WHen using my Cricut or Cameo, I tape my paper to the mat to prevent the paper or vinyl from slipping!

I also tape twine and ribbon to the back of the page or card when making a border!