Tutorial Tuesday with Anita!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

   Hi everyone, it's Anita today and it is my turn to do a tutorial.
   I thought it might be fun to share how I organize my photos and
 ideas for getting layouts done and into my actual albums!

If you are like me, starting the layout is the hardest part! Once I get started
it usually flows pretty well, but deciding on photos and
how I want the layout to actually look can be the real time
consuming part.I have finally settled on a method that lets me 
get my photos, supplies and ideas together and get
started pretty fast. Really!
I start here, with my list of what needs to be scrapped
This is just a simple spreadsheet that I created and printed off. It has columns
for which album I want to put the finished layout in, the subject of the layout, the date 
the event occurred, and spots to check off when I have printed the photos and
when I have actually scrapped them. I just scan down the list until something
catches my fancy.
From there it is time to grab the photos. I keep mine in Iris photo boxes. 
I am telling you these things are the best idea EVER. I LOVE THEM
I have 4 of them, loosely divided by subject. Each one holds six smaller
boxes of photos. Amazing way to sort your photos - trust me on this! 
Inside each smaller box, I use regular ol' lined index cards to list what is in
each one. I also use these same cards as a divider between each set 
of photos. I can read the cards without opening the boxes -super handy!
I generally keep one or two on my desk to work out of. And they are super portable for 
when I go to crop, just toss one in my bag and go. The larger ones here hold 5x7 photos :o)
So now I have photos picked out, what am I going to do with them??? 
If you are like me, you find lots of  great ideas on the net (Pinterest, anyone?)
but how to access those fabulous ideas when you actually need them?
 Here is what I do - I print them out several to a page. If you are
an ink miser (like my husband, don't tell him I do this) you won't like this idea.
I am a very tactile person, I want it IN MY HAND, not on the computer.
So I print them out. I never duplicate an actual layout, 
but there will be one thing about it that I love,,,,
so I write next to each photo what it is that I liked about it. 
So 4 months from now, or next year, when I get around to using that idea, I will know
WHY I printed that photo. Smart, huh?  
Now, what about all those magazines I buy? 
If you are a librarian, stop reading right now! 
I tear out the pages with ideas that I want and write on it why I liked it. Everything gets
3 hole punched and put into a binder with my list of things to be scrapped. 
The binder has divided sections for techniques, journaling, embellishments, etc. 

I also keep a binder with sketches I have collected. There are so many wonderful 
sketches available these days. PageMaps is one of my all time favorites
but there are so many others. Find some that suit your style - it is a great
way to jump start your creativity! 

So now I have my photos picked out & inspiration at hand and I am ready
to scrap. How do you start your creative process? I would love to hear your
ideas too. Be sure to leave a comment with your favorite tips!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Have a great week!

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8 Responses to “Tutorial Tuesday with Anita!”

Giorgia Rossini said...

thanks for your organization tips, very usefull. by now, I have a craft room but empty, I don't have shelves or furniture, so... it is all on the floor :(

Unknown said...

Anita you are a genius!!! I would love for you to come organize my photos!!!! What a great system!!

Katy said...

I love spreadsheets and never thought to make one for things I want to do or scrap. Brilliant! And thank you :)

Traci Penrod said...

Great ideas Anita!! I've never liked my photo storage system...may have to try those Iris boxes :)

Barb Craft said...

Great tips Anita!! You might just get me organized yet!!

barb :)

Debbie Bakk said...

Anita- you are totally organized- love the idea of the spreadsheet. And, I too love these photo boxes and index cards for organizing- which makes scrapping easier and less time consuming. Great tutorial!

BrendaB said...

Great ideas, Anita! You are so organized!

Lizzy Hill said...

Wish I could be this organised....I am in AWE...must admit, I do cut out my fave pics & write why I like 'em, but then I just glue 'em into a notebook....end of organisation...LOVE your 'cataloging' technique!!!