Tips & Tricks Thursday!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hi there,

Do you wish that you could buy matching embellishments that co-ordinate with the gorgeous washi tape that you have. I know many a time I have wanted to use a particular washi tape but it just didn't look right with the embellishments that I wanted to use. Well I have solved the problem. Make your own embellishments using your washi tape.

All you need is some white card stock, your washi tape and some small punches. Now just put strips of your washi tape on the card stock and then cut into individual strips. I do several different designs at once so I build up a stash of embellishments at one time.

Enchanted Creations

Enchanted Creations

Enchanted Creations

Now just grab your little punches and start punching. Don't they look cute.

Enchanted Creations

Enchanted Creations

But if you add to them using other dies like I have here, then you get the cutest embellishments to match your washi tape.

Enchanted Creations

Hope I have given you a little bit of inspiration today.

Thanks for dropping by.
Enchanted Creations

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8 Responses to “Tips & Tricks Thursday! ”

Mayras Designs said...

Great idea !! Thank you !!


SD pooja said...

Wonderful idea ..Thanks for sharing !

Sandra said...

Fabulous idea and so simple to do, they would make great little additions to a page.

Sheila said...

Great idea!

Jean said...


Billie A said...

Great idea. I love washi tape going to give this a try.

Deena said...

Clever idea Narelle, thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE this tip!!! Kind of slapping my forehead here for not thinking of it myself :)