Tips & Tricks Thursday!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Have you ever tried to thread string or ribbon through those teeny tiny holes in the buttons?! Tired of it getting frayed and stuck?  Well... Good news!! I have an easy solution for you! 

 First you need to gather your supplies: 
Baker's twine, ribbon or thread, 
Dental Floss Threaders

You can find these Floss Threaders in with the dental floss and toothbrushes at pretty much any store.

Loop the twine through the threader and push the threader through one of the holes in button.

The Threaders are nice and flexible and even pull ribbon through easily. 

Tie the bow and you are done! It's that easy! 
This also works great when working with eyelets!


7 Responses to “Tips & Tricks Thursday! ”

Sandra said...

Oh wow, thanks for sharing such a great little gismo for threading.

Debbie said...

Totally genius!!
Thank you.

SandeeNC said...

Great tip!

Shea said...

FABULOUS tip!! Thank you!!!

Rachelle Olaridge said...

Fantastic tip. I've got to use this tip. TFS!!!!!!

Deena said...

What a clever idea thank you for sharing Barb, I wonder if we have them here in australia, will have to be on the look out :)

BrendaB said...

Love my dental floss threaders!