Tips & Tricks Thursday!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hi! It's Cathi here to share a tip that I really appreciated learning as a new scrapper!! It helps you stretch your papers further!!

Cut a big hole in your background paper! Yup that is right, cut the middle of your background paper right out... You can layer a second sheet that is cut down to a smaller size, I did my second layer as a 10 inch square. Glue the edges of the second layer and place it down on the background paper. 

That square that you cut can use either side to continue building the layers. I used a small square of that same background paper here.

Finally, I took one of the off-cuts from the second paper when I trimmed it to 10 inches and added a final layer...4 layers from two sheets of paper...Instead of getting one layer from your 12x12, cutting out the center of your background page and trimming down your second layer gives paper for 4 layers and more!!


4 Responses to “Tips & Tricks Thursday!”

SD pooja said...

Fab technique to get more of our papers !Thanks a lot for sharing !

Unknown said...

Love this tip!! I have cut out my center before, but have not used a strip from the top layer (well yet anyway)!!

Deena said...

What a clever technique, to get more out of your paper and spread your favourite one over more layouts to tie them all together

Julene Matthews said...

I do this all the time.It is a great way to stretch the budget.