Show Me Sunday - A Tutorial by Joni!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

These are 3-D flower inchies on a card  (these are 2x2 inches so they are really called twinchies) and I'm going to walk you through making this 3 dimensional element without using pop-dots.

You can use any background you’d like for the 2x2 squares, but here is what I did:

Optional background steps:

   I started with 3 squares 2x2 inches of Kraft paper

Using a mix of Gesso & paint, brushed on and used texture tool to make pattern

 Punch flowers from pink cardstock

Fold flowers in half

Put the 2 “folds” together

Wrap twine around the folds to hold the 2 flowers together 
I opened the folded flowers back up so I really had 2 flowers back to back...
(you will be wrapping the “inner” folds of both flowers)
See several photos below

     Add a spot of glue to hold it

This is what they will look like

Adhere to your background squares

 I added purple punched butterflies (also folded to add dimension)

 Add glitter glue to embellish

Add squares to card and add sentiment and other finishing touches

Here is the finished card again and a couple closeups of the 3-D squares...


5 Responses to “Show Me Sunday - A Tutorial by Joni!”

Unknown said...

Love the 3D flowers and butterflies!! Cute card!!

Audrey Frelx said...

Beautiful card, Barb!

Stopping by to say hi!

MEGHA said...

lovely card and nice idea.

SandeeNC said...

Really like the added butterflies for more dimension! Great idea :)

Barb Craft said...

I love ideas for adding dimension to my projects! Thanks for the tips!

barb :)