Show Me Sunday - A Tutorial by Anita!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hi everyone, it's Anita and it's my turn to do a tutorial. 
I have been playing around with all kinds of art supplies lately, and
I wanted to do something really fun. Valentines Day is right around
the corner - I know, I know,- so here is a little something
you can use in so many different ways.

To start out I stamped a variety of heart shapes onto my
Shrink Plastic using my PITT Artist pens and Stampers Big Brush Pens 
from Faber-Castrell. Be Careful! because the
stamps will slide across the material. It will take a minute or so
for each one to dry which is the reason I stamped a
whole sheet at a time. You can get more than one impression
from each one.
Once they were dry I cut them out just beyond the line and punched a hole
with the small side of my Crop-o-Dile. Make sure the hole is not too far from the
edge or you will not be able to get a jump ring on the charm later.
 I used my Marvy heat gun to shrink them, but you can also put them in the
oven following the directions on the package. I did them one at a time and while they 
were still warm I used  my paper piercer to make sure the hole was still
open and round. 
I added two jump rings to each one and added them to a bracelet that I already had.
You can see how little they got after shrinking! 
Some of the charms, like the one here, were just an outline and I doodled to fill
in the middle. The small PITT Artist Pens are fabulous for this. I used
the Metallic PITT Pen in Copper #252 on this charm. 

There you have it. I really hope you give this a try - it is a fun project and you can
make these in any shape. Try using your punches on the shrink plastic for some
cool shapes if you don't want to cut by hand. If you want to add to your scrapbook
page as a button, there is no need to punch a hole first, just shrink and pop it on!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


6 Responses to “Show Me Sunday - A Tutorial by Anita! ”

Sandra said...

wow Anita, these are so cool, I will definitely give them a try.

Buffy Esser said...

Oh wow this is such a cool idea...thank you for sharing!

sandee said...

I love shrink plastic but haven't thought to use my Faber Castell with them so I will give it a go! Great, fun project! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Lori Apgar said...

I have always wanted to try shrinky dinks (bought them 2 years ago and they are just patiently waiting in my stash)!! Thanks for the easy instructions! Love your bracelet too!!

Barb Craft said...

Great tutorial Anita!! This is at the top of the list of "To-dos" for my daughter and I!!

barb :)

Shea said...

I love shrink plastic and made a heart charm for a card just yesterday! Love how you used the clear kind (mine is the white version). I must give the clear ones a try - thanks for the inspiration! Love the bracelet, too!