Show Me Sunday - A Tutorial by Lydia!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hello Friends!  Lydia here with a gift box tutorial for you today.  Whether we are ready or not, the holiday season is just around the corner.  I love to find useful or pretty containers to give gifts in. For this project I transformed a match box into a gift box.  The box is small enough to be perfect for a gift card or something small like a necklace.  

We use matches to light our fire place so when the box was empty, I added it to my stash of "will use for something" as any scrapbooker does.  I loved the way this project turned out so much that I made sure to buy a couple boxes of matches the next time I was at the supermarket.  :)

Supplies you will need include:

*match box
*double sided tape
*glue dots
*lace, ribbon, or trim
*flowers or other embellishments
*alphabet letters

I'm not very precise in measuring.  I usually just eyeball it.  The size of your paper will depend on the size of your matchbox.  I did measure for this tutorial and my box was approximately 4.5" x 8.5".  This includes some overlap of the paper.

Begin by wrapping your box with double sided tape.  It doesn't have to be completely covered, just enough that the paper won't come up anywhere.

I have only wrapped the outside of the box since the inside part is white.  Wrap the box and use another piece of the tape to secure the edge of the paper. 

When the box is wrapped, you will have a seam.  Put a strip of the tape on it and attach lace or ribbon to it.

Then you are ready for embellishments.  I have chosen to use paper flowers and resin frames and attached them with Glue Dots.  You could use as much or as little of whatever you wanted.

Inside the frame, I have added a second scrap of patterned paper so it would stand out from the paper on the box.  I have used small alphabet stickers to put the recipients name on the box.  You could add any saying or phrase instead.

Here are three different ones I have made.  Now they are ready to have a small gift slipped inside.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and will give it a go.  I'd love to see your creations.  You can link it up to the comments in this post or to my personal blog.  Thanks for stopping by today!

Happy Crafting!
Lydia :)


4 Responses to “Show Me Sunday - A Tutorial by Lydia!”

Pooja said...

Amazing recycling.I not only enjoyed but liked it very much !

Frances said...

Very sweet little boxes! Great tutorial. Like the idea and it looks quick.

Lori Apgar said...

Adorable teeny tiny boxes!!!! Love them!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great post!

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