Show Me Sunday - A Tutorial by Tenny!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hello scrappers,
Tenny's here to share a fun way using paints to create a background layout.
It's super easy. You can find the supplies around the house and the result is just awesome.

So, here are the things you need.
White cardstock, acrylic paints, paint brush, paint palette, some water in a cup, and lastly unwanted or expired credit card.

Start by putting your paint brush in the water, and the paints
on the palette.

Pick the brush out of the water {don't dry it} and
add paint.

Pick you plastic card or the expired credit card.

Paint the edge of the card.

Flip over the card.
Then rub it against the paper {always start in the middle of 

Here's the result.

Do the steps again using different colors of paints.

This is my finish layout using this technique.

I hope you give this technique a try.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


7 Responses to “Show Me Sunday - A Tutorial by Tenny!”

Julie said...

Great ideal thanks for sharing I've always wanted to add paint to my layouts but never like how it turns out but will see if I can give this ago.

adele holcomb said...

What a beautiful background that made! Thanks for sharing the idea.

Karin said...

Genius! Love the tip, very creative and fun!!!! This is a must try for my boy pages, it'll give them a twist.

Thanks Tenny!

kim.scrapper said...

What a cool technique, your layout looks awesome, tfs

Andrea Fogleman said...

Awesome Tenny! Thanks for sharing :)

Lynn said...

wow..what a great idea! I'm going to have to try this out. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

Sarah said...

Great tutorial!! Definitely going to have to try painting that way!