Joanne ~ May 20th Tutorial

Sunday, May 20, 2012


If you are anything like me, I am always looking for ways to save money on my crafting supplies!  Here is an easy one that you can do.  Instead of buying the plastic "bubble" pieces for making shaker cards, use the little plastic containers that brads, buttons, beads and such come in.  They are perfect for use to do a shaker card!

A few simple supplies you will need:
Small plastic pieces from brad container or such
Card stock
Two sided tape

1. Cut plastic piece apart (if it is more than one unit like the one in pic),  leaving small edges on each side 

2. Cut main card piece (A), Cut backing (B) that will cover back of front card stock (C), Cut front card stock and the holes the size of your plastic shaker piece (C)

 3. Apply two sided tape to back of card stock (C) around open cut areas to secure your plastic shaker piece

4. Insert the plastic shakers and push down on them to secure to tape

5. Apply two sided tape on top of all edges of shaker pieces

6.  Fill shaker pieces with beads, glitter or your choice of goodie.

7.  Apply two sided tape around all edges of backing piece (B)

8.  Attach backing (B) to card stock (C) to cover the shaker pieces.

9. Decorate your card as you like

VOILA!  You have an ez-peezee shaker card!  Enjoy!


3 Responses to “Joanne ~ May 20th Tutorial”

Laurie LaRiviere said...

LOVE THIS IDEA!!! who doesn't have those little plastic pieces, we all do, how clever! thanks for sharing this, I am going to try, what a fun card this would be for a child's birthday :)

Nichole Koch said...

I have a bunch of little plastic pieces like this I need to save! Thanks for the tutorial!

cgl1539 said...

How adorable and earth friendly. And it can be recycled once again, whomever gets this can reuse beads for another project, thats awesome.