Show Me Sunday - A Tutorial By Teresa Jaye!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vintage Music Paper covered Glass Ornament 
I originally saw this idea posted here 
by the very talented Julia Stainton
Here is a picture of the supplies you will need:
First, tear your paper (I've used sheets of vintage music) 
into 25 strips approximately 1/2" wide by 5" long 
then ink the edges.
Take the hanger and top off the ornament so you can hold it by putting your index finger inside of it. Apply the strips of inked papers to the ornament with Matte Mod Podge going around twice to completely cover it. Then put a good layer of Matte Mod Podge over the whole ornament.

After about an hour, the Mod Podge will be dry enough to touch the outside but still a little wet underneath. Take this opportunity to smooth down any edges with your fingers and roll the ornament about to make it nice and smooth.
Coat the ornament with a layer of Gloss/Lustre Mod Podge and let it dry over night.
Pour glass glitter in to a bowl. Paint a thick layer of Gloss/Lustre Mod Podge on the ornament 
and roll it in the glitter. 
Sprinkle glitter over the top, tap off the excess, and let it dry.

Collect some fun baubles, tags, feathers, flourishes and ribbon and decorate your ornament with them. If you attach your decorations to thin ribbon, you can just put the ends in the opening before putting the top back on and the top will hold them in place.
Supply list:
3 inch Craft Glass Ornaments
Vintage sheet music
Matte Mod Podge, Gloss/Lustre Mod Podge
Art Institute Vintage Glass Glitter (I got mine here)
Tim Holtz Distress Ink "Vintage Photo" and "Tea Dye"


7 Responses to “Show Me Sunday - A Tutorial By Teresa Jaye!”

Ann said...

This is gorgeous! I have a clear ornament just waiting to become this! Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial.

Scrappin Thread said...

This is so beautiful! Thank you for the great instructions. I can't wait to try this! Beverly

Holli said...

Love it! I have a some Christmas decorations that are very similar (snowman, boot, etc) to this type of decor and I keep saying I should try to make something. You made it look easy enough that I think I could!

Linda said...

This is absolutely GORGEOUS! I was just wondering today about
doing something similar!!! Thanks for the tutorial!

Sonia said...

Fab creation, great tutorial.. Thanks!

Lori Apgar said...

This is gorgeous!!! Love your easy to follow tutorial!

Kay Hardin said...

Beautiful!! I was looking for something like this to decorate the tree at our High School Choir Christmas Program. I'll be working on these for next years tree!!! Thanks!