Sunday, December 25, 2011

We would like to wish all of you and your families, a Very Merry Christmas.
From your Friends at Frosted Designs.

Merry Christmas girls! I wish you an happy day with family, friends and good food, like me! Today I show you an easy idea for a mini album that combines fabrics and papers.

You need: cardstock, fabrics, strong patterned papers, bazzils, clips, sewing machine (no experience needed), glue or duoble sides adhesive, eyelets and ribbons.

Cut 2 rectangular cardstock (6x9) for the cover and one for the thick (6x2), place them on the cloth (8x22) a few mm away from each other.

Fold the fabric to the inside and secure it with clips to hold it in position. No glue binding this!Cut the rectangle of patterned paper (8x6) that you want to use for the front and also to set the fabric along with the clips.

Sew the front cover, removing the clips and gradually proceed with the work.

Sew the thickness and finally the back.

Glue a piece of wrapping paper to reinforce the central part.

From a cardstock bazzill type, cut out 2 rectangles and glue to cover the seams.

On the central part, glue a rectangle of cloth of different color.

We now think of pages: the principle is the same. Cut some cardboard cereal box type of recovery (the number is up to you depending on the number of photos you want to use) (8x6). Cut a rectangle of cloth, of 2-3 cm bigger than the cardboard, fold the edges of the fabric, secure with clips, and sewing .

Cut a rectangle from the patterned and do on this a fake stitching to give uniformity to the album.

Paste it on the rough part to cover the seams. In this way we have all pages with a paper side and a fabric side.Insert two eyelets on each page, and two pairs of eyelets on the thickness of the cover.

Bind the pages with a ribbon. Now we have only to decorate!

See the whole book below:

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4 Responses to “SHOW ME SUNDAY -ELI”

Georgie Horn said...

This is lovely and I love the tutorial!

Sonia said...

Wow!, Wonderful creation, great idea.. very inspirational!
Thanks for the tutorial.

Gail said...

ooooooh i love this - so adorable. love all the texture and mediums used. . . and I have this paper pack. Thx for the inspiration!!!

blsd2scrp said...

this is awesome! thanks so much for sharing this tutorial!