Sunday, March 6, 2011

We want to take this opportunity to Thank Cassie, for the wonderful work she did as a Designer for Frosted Designs. We wish you the best of luck in all of your scrappy endeavors. We will miss you.

This week at Frosted Design we are showing you how to make wet distressed flowers. These are incredibly easy and take no special punches or equipment to make. You can see the finished product in the layout above. To make these flowers you will need:

scraps of patterned paper or cardstock
distress ink
mini mister or other spray bottle of water (not pictured)
adhesive - I prefer Zip Dry Glue
Gem, brads or other flower center

Step 1) Take your patterned paper or cardstock and cut out a rough circle with a wavy edge a little bit bigger than you want your finished flower to be. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle, nor does the edge need to be perfect.

2) Cut out increasingly smaller circles just like you did with the first. Depending on the size of the flower you want depends on the number of layers you will want. I tend to stick with either 5 layers for larger flowers and 3 layers for smaller flowers.

3) Take your scissors and cut small triangles evenly spaced around the circles to create petals. I usually do 8 triangles on larger circles and 4-6 on the smaller ones.

4) Ink the edges of all your flowers with Distress inks. It is important to use Distress inks as they will run and look more like natural coloring when you get them wet.

5) Using a Mini Mister or other spray bottle filled with water spray your flowers fairly liberally till the paper is fairly wet, but not soaked. You want it to be pliable, but also able to retain its shape.

6) Using your fingers smoosh the petals so the stand up and are scrunched. You don' have to make all the petals do the same thing. Some can be turned more under while some may be turned up and others just smooshed. Let the flowers dry.

7) Put a small dab of glue in the center of each layer and glue the layers together with the largest on bottom and the smallest on top.

8) Affix a gen or a brad in the center and your flower is ready for your next project.

You can visit Cassie's blog and see some more of her work by clicking HERE!!


8 Responses to “SHOW ME SUNDAY BY: Cassie”

MommaSaid said...

Jinkies! I think I can do this! Great tutorial and thank you for the inspiration!

Angie A. said...

Great tutorial...very cool flowers..
I think I will give this a try....I know I can find lots of "scraps" of PP somewhere...
thanks for the idea

ruth said...

Super cute flowers! I will definitely be trying those. :)

CraftyGirl said...

Cassie... this tute is wonderful! The flowers are gorgeous and so easy to make! I love those kind of embellishments! Thank you so much for all the amazing projects you have shared with us while on the dt! You are going to be missed!
barb :)

Lori Apgar said...

These are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing how easy they are to make!!

Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

I often look at flower tutorials and *sigh* too hard and I usually don't even like the flower. But I LOVE this one and love the end results too. Trying it! Thanks.

Angela said...

Gorgeous Cassie! and looks fabulous and easy to do! my favourite emblie!!! lol

Elisabetta e Noemi said...

I'm going to try! Thank you.