Saturday, September 19, 2009

{Meg's BLOG}
Tell us a little about yourself-My name is Meg. I have a wonderful Husband Eric and a very active 3 year old son named Mason. I have always had a love for anything creative. I give my Mom full credit for my creativity. She is who taught me everything I know craft wise! When I am not scrap booking/card making, I do photography. I love capturing moments and preserving them on paper. I also love blogging! There is always something new posted on my blog! Basically as long as I am doing something creative, I am happy!

When/why did you start scrap booking? I started scrap booking when I was 12. My Mom and I went to a class to learn. I scrap booked on and off for a few years and then when my Son Mas was born I really started getting into it. In the last 3 years I have accumulated enough stuff to start up my own scrap book store! (as my Husband would say) I have already completed 3 scrap books for Mas and am working on his 4th. I have my wedding album up next so hopefully I will get that done sometime soon!

What is your favorite technique for paper crafting? I have several favorite techniques, but I would have to say my favorite one would be sewing. I love the look that it adds to my paper crafts. I also really like chalking and inking. I feel it adds such a professional/unique look. And I love stamping!

What is your favorite product for paper crafting? My favorite product would have to be anything by Bo-Bunny. I love their products. I love their paper, ribbon, buttons and everything else. And don't forget about Cricut! This product has changed my life!